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What Are The Top Interior Trends For 2019?

As we move into a new year you might feel that it’s time to revamp part of your home - or even all of it if you’re feeling particularly ambitious.

It’s worth having a look at some of the top interior design trends for the coming 12 months before you settle on a final design scheme though, just to make sure you don’t choose colours or patterns that are going to fall out of favour in the next few months.

There is always plenty of inspiration around, not to mention a host of experts ready to share their opinions about what is and isn’t hot in the world of interior design.

Cindy Fuller, founder of Designs Direct, recently gave her predictions to the Daily Mail. One big change that she’s expecting to see in 2019 is a move away from rose gold shades in home decor.

Instead, mixed metals will once again come to the fore. She’s expecting more people to combine the likes of brass, copper and gold, particularly in designs that also feature rough timber and brick, because these metals provide a “warm feel”.

When it comes to colour schemes, it seems that pink in all its forms isn’t going anywhere. Ms Fuller suggested that it has become the “new neutral” because it can “make any photo look incredible”. For the younger generation who are fixated with social media, that’s a big plus.

But it’s not only pink that’s going to be finding its place in our home. What she describes as jewel tones are also set to be big in the coming 12 months.

These shades include the likes of emerald, amethyst and sapphire. Ms Fuller’s top tip if you’re going to introduce one of these darker shades is to “soften the bold colours by using neutral furnishings”.

Floral patterns and even velvet are other trends that Ms Fuller is expecting to be big in 2019.

Earlier in December, Pinterest shared its top 100 trends for the coming year, of which ten were home design and decor suggestions.

Bold print wallpaper is among them, with the website reporting that searches for this term had increased by 401 per cent in the past year. When it comes to metallic touches, it seems that tin is finding favour with many. Searches for the metal increased by 563 per cent on the platform in 2018.

And if floral isn’t your thing, you could opt for geometric prints instead. Painting your own geometric shapes onto walls and floors has risen in popularity, with searches for geometric paint up by 225 per cent.

Of course, something like this requires a precise hand and a smooth finish to look good, so if you’re not that confident with a paintbrush you may want to hire a painter and decorator in Dorset to do that kind of work for you.

One final trend that Cindy Fuller expects to come back in 2019 is that for home bars. A growing number of people want to include them in their spaces to help when they’re entertaining friends and family.

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