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Best Times To Tackle Different Home Improvement Projects

When you’re planning home improvements, whether it’s a kitchen installation in Dorset or interior decoration, there’s a lot to think about. But have you considered that carrying out some projects at certain times of the year could make them easier or quicker?

Ideal Home recently revealed when you should be tackling which home improvements, to help you plan your projects.

For instance, February is a great time to refit your kitchen. Why? Because this tends to be a quiet time of year for kitchen fitters, who are often busy in the lead up to Christmas, as well as just before the summer holidays.

When it comes to installing new windows, March is the best time of year to tackle this project. This also tends to be a quieter time of year for window fitters, as many people wait until the autumn before they think about replacing draughty windows ahead of the winter.

If you want to get someone to repaint some of the rooms in your home, meanwhile, November is the best time to call in the decorators.

Even though it’s not long until Christmas, professionals can work quickly and will easily be done in plenty of time. Plus, if you avoid the summer months (which is when many people want to redecorate), you’ll find you probably have to wait less time for your tradesperson to be available.

Just think, the summer is when many decorators are busy with exterior painting jobs, which means they’ll be more likely to be free in the winter for your interior projects.

Given that research from the Federation of Master Builders revealed last month that homeowners should expect to wait up to seven months for a tradesperson to become available for certain home improvement work, it pays to try to organise such work at quieter times of the year.

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