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Structural Engineers ‘Needed For Certain Home Improvements’

Some homeowners are failing to consult structural engineers before carrying out home improvement projects such as loft conversions, creating an open-plan living space and extensions, which could leave them open to a range of problems.

The Stroud News and Journal shared the findings of a survey by the Institution of Structural Engineers, which revealed that many people are unsure when a structural engineer should be consulted.

For instance, 49 per cent of those who had created an open-plan kitchen-diner in the last five years failed to consult a structural engineer, while 18 per cent were unsure whether one had been involved. That means over half of such projects went ahead without having been assessed by this kind of expert.

Chief executive of the Institution Martin Powell told the news provider that it’s understandable that homeowners are uncertain about what advice they should seek, but added they were “concerned to see that in particular areas there is evidence of very common works, like the creation of open-plan spaces, going on without structural advice”.

If you’re having interior building work in Dorset and aren’t sure what advice you’ll need, Mr Powell recommends visiting his organisation’s website, where you can find information about when to seek out a structural engineer, as well as how to find one.

Given that average property prices have increased by over £6,000 in the past year, it’s easy to see why people might be tempted to stay in their current abode and improve it rather than up-sizing and potentially taking on a larger mortgage. With the uncertainty of Brexit hanging over the UK too, staying put may seem like a more sensible option.

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