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Average Property Price Reaches £230k – Time To Build Your Own Home?

There could be an increase in the number of people looking for building services in Dorset to help them build the home of their dreams, after figures reveal the typical house price in the UK is over £230,000.

While many homebuyers could be willing to pay that for an average property, they still would not have bought their ideal home, and may have to spend considerable more money on the residence to get it to look the way they want.

According to the latest UK House Price Index from the Land Registry, the average cost of a home in Britain is £230,630 – although this can be as much as £472,901 in London.

While the capital is notorious for its steep property prices, some regions of the country are not that much cheaper, with the south-east also setting back homebuyers £323,876 for a home.

It seems that houses are continuing to get more and more expensive as well, as the report showed prices grew by 2.8 per cent over the year leading to November 2018. This is despite the ambiguity and uncertainty of Brexit, and its impact on the property market once it goes ahead on March 29th.

People might, instead, be tempted to avoid looking at the list of existing properties on the market and be inspired to design their own.

Using experts in construction, you can commission builders to create a complete build in the area you want, providing you with a layout that suits your lifestyle and a design you love.

This way you can be sure that when you get the keys to your house, you know there will be nothing you will have to change.

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