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Half Of Brits Planning Pre-Christmas DIY

Almost half of homeowners in the UK are intending to carry out some DIY before the end of December, with many hoping to get their projects completed by Christmas.

DIY Week shared the research from AA Financial Services, which revealed that collectively we’re set to spend £29.6 billion on home improvements by the end of this year.

The most popular project to undertake at this time of year is decorating, with 41 per cent of those surveyed stating that this is what they’ll be doing before putting their Christmas tree up.

Next on the list is garden landscaping, with 18 per cent intending to make some changes to their outdoor spaces. Kitchen installations were also on the list for 12 per cent of those intending to do some kind of home improvement work, while fitting a new bathroom is a pre-Christmas project for 11 per cent.

On average, homeowners are going to take £2,339.46 out of their savings to fund their DIY projects at this point in the year.

For disruptive projects like new kitchens and bathrooms in Dorset, it pays to get a professional to do the fitting to ensure it’s done as quickly as possible with the best possible final results.

If you’re looking for a DIY project for the new year, you may want to consider getting rid of one of the following features, if you have any of them in your home. Ideal Home recently revealed that woodchip wallpaper is the most hated interior design feature, according to a survey by Terry’s Fabrics.

Also on the list of things that people can’t stand were artex ceilings and walls, as well as carpeted bathrooms.

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